It may be a tragic day for liberals now that they’ve lost their queen and their biggest loser of all time, but for the rest of us — it’s a reasonlp but join in the festivities on Twitter, as usual, because he is an American as well and has the right to his opinion.

His opinion of Hillary Clinton was always low. Now that we’ve seen his tweet on news of her death, we understand just how low”

The tweet went out just in time for it to be displayed on the video bulletin board outside Westchester Memorial Hospital where she died as the hearse carrying her remains to the funeral home departed. A crowd of Trump supporters outside booed as the hearse went by.

Typically that wouldn’t be behavior we’d be proud of, but in this case, as evidenced by the tweet from the President himself, the American people deserve to have their “ding dong the witch is dead” moment. The White House has announced that flags would not be flown at half-staff and that there would be no state funeral.

Looks like she gets to fade off into oblivion after all.



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